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New Groupie [moderator]

**Name: Heidi Lynn
**Age: 22 years old
**Location: Gary, Indiana

Tell us your favorite...
**Song: the moment "Apollo's Frock" by Tori Amos and "You'll Think of Me"
**Band: I'm a long time Red Hot Chili Peppers Fan. I'm also obsessed with David Bowie and Tori Amos.
**Genre of music: Classic rock/Non-mainstream
**Concert Attended: 8-10-03 [I think]...Tori Amos at Navy Pier and 1-13-04 [again I think...I'm bad with dates] David Bowie at the Rosemont Theatre

What music do you think is best for...
**Driving to:
Mix cds hehehe
**Crying to: "Your Cloud"-Tori Amos; "Don't Speak"-No Doubt; "Everything Reminds Me of Her"-Elliott Smith; "Trust"-The Cure; "Long December"-Counting Crows
**Being mad/angry to: The entire album "Boys for Pele" by Tori Amos
**Waking up to: I listen to rap in the morning to get me up and moving...Ludacris is one of my favorites. I also love Eminnem and Outkast.
**Breaking up to: God...there are just too many to list. I think the first one that comes to mind though is "At Least we Tried" by Moby, and again "Your Cloud" by Tori Amos
**Happy moods: Green Day, Violent Femmes, Sublime....bouncy fun stuff :)
**Making out/making Love/being romantic: Al Green, Barry White...those oldies hehe. Sappy 80s rock ballads are always good too, cause I'm a dork like that :D

**If you could meet any musician/band, dead or alive, who would it be and why? Tori Amos...because I NEED to meet her, to say thanks for saving me.
**Do you play any instruments or sing? I play piano, flute and piccolo. And I sing on a fairly regular basis. I've had professional training for all of them.
**How many cd's do you own? Probably about 600 if we're including live bootlegs and whatnot.
**How many concerts have you been to? Somewhere in the 100's....but I've seen about 200 different bands live. Gotta love those all day concerts with multiple bands :)
**On a scale of 1-10, how important is music to you? 12 ;) Music is my life. I can't live without it.
**On a scale of 1-10, how open-minded about new music are you? 11...I'm incredibly open-minded because I love hearing new music and finding new stuff I like.
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