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New Groupie!!

**Name: Celeste
**Age: 22
**Location: Biloxi, MS

Tell us your favorite...
**Song: WOW.. Thats really friggin hard, I can put favorite songs at the moment tho! - This Picture-Placebo, Kill the Rock-MSI, Vivica-Jack off Jill, Hybrid Moments- The misfits, many others
**Band: Placebo, The Misfits, Bauhaus, MSI, Danzig, Joy Division.. many others
**Genre of music: mostly goth/industrial, new wave, 80's, some punk
**Concert Attended: tie between Danzig and Rollins band in 00, and Static X at Family Values. The Violent Femmes were excellent as well, but they acted like ass's after wards.

What music do you think is best for...
**Driving to: hmm..I always loved driving to heavier music-static x, clutch, danzig, pantera
**Crying to: placebo, jewel, neutral milk hotel, tori
**Being mad/angry to: MSI, chymiara *sp,
**Waking up to: seven mary 3, placebo, jack off jill, filter
**Breaking up to: lol I can put placebo in every catagory! Placebo, voltaire, joy division,
**Happy moods: anything 80's, I know what boys like-the waitresses, Sifl and Olly,
**Making out/making Love/being romantic: wild horses-the sundays, matthew sweet,

**If you could meet any musician/band, dead or alive, who would it be and why? Well, it used to be Glenn Danzig till I DID meet him. Now its Brian Molko from Placebo.
**Do you play any instruments or sing? no, unless you count singing to myself along with the music or in the shower
**How many cd's do you own? Too many to count. I have over 5,000 mp3's
**How many concerts have you been to? hrmm... at least 50, but, I couldnt give a real number =/
**On a scale of 1-10, how important is music to you? 57. I love music more than anything, and you can always find a song that can express whatever problem or emotion your going thru at that moment
**On a scale of 1-10, how open-minded about new music are you? 57. I love hearing new music. Most of the music I listen to now I get from other ppl since I dont listen to the radio.
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